New York Botanic Gardens

We are frequent visitors at the New York Botanic Gardens but I have only been once without my kids - with Corinne to see the train show about 4 or 5 years ago ... or maybe I did have one or two of them and they were in a stroller, I can't remember!

I went today without them for a class I am taking and it was divine.



Then it started to rain, so we went into the Conservatory for their current exhibit.


If it hadn't been pouring, I would have gone outside to get some better pictures of these great and weird sculptures they had. They made me think of Ents!

 In the name of good parenting I'll keep taking the kids but I'm definitely going there again by myself!


Ruth said...

Before I read the captions I thought those were in YOUR garden! Gorgeous.

Corinne said...

Beautiful. We definitely had Jane with us, and I think Jacob, too.