Sandy Hook: "Evil did not win."

One year ago Rick had just left to take Emily to an away swim meet for 2 days. Jacob was home sick, resting on the couch & watching TV. I was in the kitchen working on holiday baking. My phone rang, and it was my sister in law Mindy. She had seen the news and was calling to see if my kids were OK. I didn't know what she was talking about. She sobbed out the words ... and by the end of the call I was in tears too.

Having Jacob at home, I did not turn on the TV, but rather searched on my phone, horrified and heartbroken, trying not to have any visible reaction that would alert Jacob to the situation.
The only one of my children in school that day was my little Jane. My 1st grader - just the same age as those lost, in a school just like theirs, in a town just like theirs. I stifled sobs and fought the urge to rush up to the school and carry her home. Safe with me.

As a mother, every single time I have thought of the victims of Sandy Hook in the year since, tears have welled up in my eyes. I cannot begin to imagine the pain the families feel.

The Parker's are in my Stake and spoke at the adult session of our  Stake Conference this fall. I was touched by their testimony and am absolutely humbled by their faith.

This video is so encouraging. My absolute favorite part is -

"God allowed others to kill His Son. He allows for us all to make our own choices, good and bad. Because that's the only way good can be in us - is if we freely choose it over all else."

The families of Sandy Hook victims did not want a memorial but asked that people give acts of kindness & service instead. I am trying hard to fulfill that wish and allowing the good to lift my spirit.

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