2013 - So far, not that impressive.

So here's what's happened this year;

The hot water heater was leaking carbon monoxide and had to be replaced.

The wall oven broke - improperly installed.

The dishwasher broke - improperly installed.

They couldn't fix the dishwasher because the outlet was (incorrectly) installed behind the refrigerated drawers. Which they couldn't get out because (you guessed it) they were installed incorrectly. They had to cut through the side of the kitchen cabinet and cut off the back leg from the drawer housing.

When the electrician was putting the drawers back in he gouged the wooden floors.

The brake lights in Rick's car needed to be replaced.

The transmission in my car needed a repair.

Jacob said he saw a mouse in the basement. We weren't sure if we should believe him but put out traps just in case and have killed 3 .... so far. I am totally grossed out.

So we're not off to an auspicious beginning and the builder is not on my list of friends anymore.
I thought having a brand new house would eliminate these kind of problems!

It can only get better from here, right?


Karen said...

Good grief!! That's a lot to go wrong in 21 days. I'm sure it's not an indication of how the rest of the year will go xx

liz said...

Aw man that's a long list and all those things stink big time! I thought it over and and feel pretty sure Mike's still got you beat for least impressive start to the year with Brain Tumor.

Better luck next year! hehe

Tania said...

OK Liz, you guys win.
Pretty sure I don't want to beat you next year :)

Ruth said...

Oh dear, happy rest of the new year!

Jen I said...

Wow, seriously? That bites. I totally would have thought the same thing as you - that building would make it so perfect!