Article of Faith Stars

Back in January the Primary President issued a challenge to the senior primary kids in our ward to memorize all 13 Articles of Faith. Junior primary children could also do it if they wished, but it was not a challenge given to them. Once they had they could earn a prize - a box containing 13 star shaped, yellow frosted sugar cookies.

We had several older kids do it throughout the year. One other girl in Jacob's class finished at the end of November and Jacob and Jane finished last week - just in the nick of time. Jane was the only junior primary child to pass them off.

I was the presidency member who made the treat boxes each time, so I was so pleased to be able to make the final two for Jacob & Jane. So proud of them!


Ruth said...

Well, it just shows how long it is since I checked your blog - I've just read posts way back in June! So glad I checked in. I love reading about your family and seeing how they have grown.

Corinne said...

Well done all!