The Ladies Turn One Week Old

The chicks turned one week old today. I am totally enamored with them.
They are all doing well and so far, it's pretty easy to take care of them. I just make sure they are clean, warm and fed. Compared to my own babies and Millie as a puppy they are a piece of cake!

Yesterday I cleaned them out while the kids were at school. Other times I have cleaned them out the kids have held them, so today I just popped them into this bowl that I had used to wash the two when they "pasted up" last week. When I came back in I thought I'd snap a few pictures before putting them back in the brooder.

This is Kevin.
 She's the biggest of the four of them.

Opal is one of the Ameraucana's, so one of the smaller two.
I love their black & yellow fluffy little bodies.

This is little Brookie Chookie. She is still the smallest but is now thriving.
I love how much yellow she has. She may be my favorite.

As I was taking the pictures Onyx jumped out of the bowl. As soon as Kevin saw that it was possible, she hopped out too. Only Brookie and Opal were left - both still too small to make it out.

When they are not sleeping under the warmth of the brooder light they are always eating and drinking.

I love watching them all crowd around the feeder. Man, they eat a lot. Little Brookie shoves her way in there and often pushes the others to the side to get to the feeder. I love to see that she is holding her own.

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Ruth said...

Kevin's a girl??? You'll give her a complex! Very cute - and will earn their keep when grown.