I haven't been to any of Jacob's baseball games this season. Since Emily's lacrosse usually conflicts and I am the lacrosse team manager, I have always been at lacrosse during baseball. Today was the lacrosse jamboree - a crazy busy day for lacrosse with 36 visiting teams and Emily's team playing 4 games. Surprisingly, but they happened to have a break after their first game and Jacob also just happened to be playing on the field just over from where Emily played, so I managed to get over to his game.

He was the Catcher when I arrived.

I don't know that baseball is really going to be Jacob's sport. He's not the most attentive kid in the world and there's just not enough action for him in baseball. He likes when he's up at bat but that is such a minimal part of the overall game. He just can't pay attention when he's in the outfield - there's just nothing happening out there most of the time. Rick would like him to play a couple more seasons to be sure he has a good understanding of the game (it is after all "America's pastime") but he's already done a few years of T-ball and baseball last year. Not sure he'll be up for it again next year.

 Could he look any more bored here?

He spent most of his time making lines and swirl shapes in the sand with his cleats. After calling out "Jacob, watch the game" or "Jacob, pay attention" a dozen or so times, I found myself 1/2 wishing the ball would hit him in the head to teach him a lesson!

 Finally the ball did come his way and he threw it back with great gusto!

Then it was his turn at bat. He dragged the bat out behind him.
Seriously, what is with him and playing in the sand?

 He gave it a pretty solid hit on the first pitch.

 Watching him run the bases was the most attention I'd seen him play all game and very cute.

The "slide" into home plate was clearly his favorite.
No wonder those pants come home filthy every week.

Love this boy!


Ruth said...

Great pictures of your little action man.

Corinne said...

Those photos are perfect! You'll both love looking back on those, I'm sure.